Need of School Management Software?

Aug, 16, 2019 Skool24

Its Often asked if a school management software is really needed in a education institution or a manual process is much convenient.

With increase of technology in every sector there is no way educational institution can be unaffected from that. Technology brings the easiness  to work and the process involved in the management of schools.

A good School Management Software allows an institution to control their daily routine works very easily through the software by doing all the calculation itself and it also saves time of management and employees to get more productivity.

Its really important to choose a software company wisely that can give best product and service .

A good software consist of the following modules:

Admission Manager – This module allow admin to make admissions and manage admission register to avoid Admission number duplicacy.

Fee Manager – In this section you can manage all the fee in your school , you can set fee ,fine and discounts. Printed receipts will be generated. Admin can generate daily Fee details and collection.

Attendance Manager – Parents can be easily notified if a student is not present in school. That a good thing for the safety of student and parents concern.

Homework – Homework is most important part of a students day, Homework app allows parents to check their students homework on their mobile phones.

Employee Manager – Like Students ,Staff data is also important and need to be managed very well. This gives you option to add employee details and manage them.

Transportation РTransport is a typical part to manage in a school , you can manage routes ,stops and their fee structures. 

Library – Library consist of n no. of books that are really tough to manage, but with a software it becomes a quick work to deal with it.

Time Table – Schools runs on a time table , Time table manages all the teachers day. Let your teacher know their periods accordingly.

Inventory – Every school contains a inventory of books, copy ,tie ,belts etc. Maintaining that much details always creates chaos. Use software and be relaxed.

Examination – Designing a examination is a lengthy task ,let the software do all the calculations and grade generation for you.

Certificates – Various certificates like TC, Character, Bonified are required by students . Generate instant certificates with ease.

Reports – Management of a school is always depends on reports to analyse the progress of school. Multiple reports helps them to get a clear picture of overall school .

SMS Alerts – SMS is the easiest way to inform parents and staff about any circular or order. You an send bulk SMS on a click .

These are some most important Modules that a software must have, there are lot more modules that can be used in a school like canteen, hostel,sports etc.


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